Topical Groups

EuMA members with interest in a specific technical topic may constitute a Topical Group (TG). 

Constituting a TG

  • The TG consists of EuMA members active in the relevant field.
  • The TG is approved upon request of at least 5 EuMA members and is established for a period of 3 years. It can be re-established upon favorable evaluation from the EuMA board.

TG Activities

The TG develops activities in the form of meetings, workshops, conferences, papers, related to its relevant topic.


TG Governance

  • The TG is internally governed by a TG Governing Board (GB) and a Chairman. Both are approved by EuMA BoD. The Chairman reports to the EuMA Board at least once a year. The Chairman and GB terms are for three years. They can be re-appointed.
  • The TG may request and receive an annual budget or loans from the EuMA, to be approved by the BoD, to run its activities (e.g. seed money for workshops etc,). Such activities are to be open to all EuMA members.

Joining a TG

Membership to any EuMA Topical Group is free for EuMA Members.
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