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Is there an open position in your enterprise?

In many Universities and companies, there is a wish for widely advertising when new positions are opening within the enterprise.
The EuMA Board of Directors has decided to start such activity and offer this new service to the EuMA members.

Please note that e-mails will not be sent directly to our members: to avoid bothering those who are not interested, job offers will be mentioned in the section Sharepoint of the EuMA website.
They will be systematically updated with new offers.
Access to the Sharepoint is offered only to EuMA members, at no cost.

Please also note that the section will include job offers only: it will not offer job requests.

All job offers will be considered: from companies, universities, research centers, agencies, etc., excluding however systematically any offer submitted by an intermediary, company or person.

At regular intervals, not more often than once a month, a "JobFlash" will be sent to all our members to announce that the list has been updated.

For such a service to be successful, it needs to receive offers to advertise: only you can feed the system. Please feel free from now on to send such information to Annemie Van Nieuwerburgh.

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