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EuMA has established three awards to acknowledge those individuals who have given exceptional contributions to the microwave community.
The Distinguished Service Award to recognize an individual "who has given outstanding service for the benefit of the European microwave community and, in particular , for the advancement of the European Microwave Association".
The Outstanding Career Award  to recognize an individual "whose career has exemplified outstanding achievements in the field of Microwaves".
The Pioneer Award to recognize an individual "who is responsible for a noteworthy advance in the field of microwaves which has had a lasting and significant effect on the microwave community".
The Distinguished Leadership Award to recognize an individual "who has demonstrated outstanding leadership for the benefit of the microwave community and, in particular, for the transformative benefit of the EuMA or European microwave industry"
The awards consist of a bronze medal carrying the name of the award and the name of the recipient.

          The first awardee of the Distinguished Leadership Award 2022 is a posthumous award to Prof. Roberto Sorrentino.

  Distinguished Service Award
Outstanding Career Award

 Pioneer Award
2023 Prof. Lorenz-Peter Schmidt
Prof. Werner Wiesbeck

Prof. Marian Pospieszalski
Prof. Stephen Nightingale
Prof. Richard V. Snyder

Prof. Raymond Quéré

Prof. Koji Mizuno
Prof. Wolfgang Heinrich
Prof. Alain Cappy

2018 Prof. Robert Weigel   Prof. Vittorio Rizzoli         
Prof. Antti Räisänen
Prof. Seán Scanlan
Prof. André Vander Vorst Dr. Heinrich Daembkes
Prof. Jozef Modelski
Prof. Jacques Sombrin
Prof. Vito Monaco
Prof. Yakov S. Shifrin
Dr. Asher Madjar
Prof Ingo Wolff
Prof. Paul-Alain Rolland
Sir Christopher Snowden
Mr. Holger Meinel
Dr. Kaneyuki Kurokawa
Prof. Roberto Sorrentino
Prof. David Rhodes
Prof. Peter Russer
Prof. Tatsuo Itoh
Prof. Leo Ligthart
Prof. Hans Hartnagel
Prof. Erik Kollberg

Prof. Tibor Berceli

Prof. Peter Clarricoats

Prof. Fred Gardiol


All EuMA members are welcome to nominate exceptional individuals within the microwave field for the Distinguished Service Award,  the Outstanding Career Award,  the Pioneer Award, and the Distinguished Leadership Award.
A nomination should include a short statement describing how this individual is exceptional and the nominee's CV.
Nominations should be submitted to the Awards Committee.
Please use the 'contact' button at the top of the homepage if you wish to reach out to the Awards Committee.

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