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The European Microwave Lecturer Program

The EuML (European Microwave Lecturer) program is a joint initiative with IEEE MTT that
is an extension of their present Speakers Program. It is sponsored by EuMA and intended to promote knowledge of microwave engineering.
The present EuML coordinator is Dr. Richard Ranson.

The EuML panel:

Tahsin Akalin Terahertz and Optical Plasmonics: current and future applications
Pierre Blondy Designing, Integrating and Testing Microwave Components with RF-MEMS
Wolfgang Bösch Front-End Technologies for Wireless Applications
Ovidio Bucci
Electromagnetic inverse problems; quantifying, qualifying and retrieving the available information.
Fabio Coccetti From RF-MST to RF Nanotechnology, the way toward nano enabled RF intelligence.
Stepan Lucyszyn An Engineering Approach Towards Creating Ubiquitous THz Applications
Luca Pierantoni Electromagnetics and Quantum Transport in Nanoelectronic Devices
Eric Rius Design of planar Ceramic filters, Microstrip and Substrate Integrated Waveguide Solutions, for Space Applications.
Peter Russer
Network Methods in Electromagnetic Field Computation

Future Nominations
All EuMA members are welcome to nominate European microwave experts. A nomination should include the nominee's CV with the title and abstract of the proposed lecture. Also, the nomination must be sponsored by a member of the General Assembly of EuMA. Nominations should be submitted to the EuMA speaker selection committee. Final selection is at the discretion of the EuMA Board of Directors and MTT AdCom. Following selection, speakers will be available for a term not to exceed 3 years.

The initiative makes speakers, who are recognised experts, available to address audiences in Europe. The speakers volunteer their time and EuMA pays all reasonable costs of their travel to the venue, while the local organisations are expected to cover local cost of accommodation and hospitality. There is a panel of available speakers on a variety of very interesting topics. All the speakers are highly qualified in their field, having been nominated by a member of EuMA General Assembly and approved by both EuMA and MTT. 
It is intended that through this initiative organisations can keep up to date in various technical fields as well as advise a wide audience of the importance of engineering in general and microwave technology in particular.

Please go to Request a Speaker or Become a Speaker for more details.

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