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Application Process

STEP 1 (deadline 28 November 2023)

Submission of the required documents (i.e. motivation letter, Curriculum Vitae, reference letter by professor or PhD supervisor, Master study marks) through the EuMA Internship Award portal, before 28 November 2023.
For details please consult this file.

STEP 2 (deadline 13 January 2024)

Pre-acceptance notification from EuMA Internship Award Committee will be received by the student candidates by 13 January 2024.

STEP 3 (deadline 13 April 2024)

Pre-accepted candidates should contact the host to arrange an interview. The positive outcome of the interview should result in an acceptance letter from the host.
Upload the acceptance letter of the host through the EuMA Internship Award portal, before 13 April 2024.

STEP 4 (deadline 30 April 2024)

Notification of awards winners.

STEP 5 (deadline 30 April 2025)

The awardee shall carry out and complete the internship within a year from notification, i.e. before 30 April 2025.

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