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Back in 2019, the Innovation team of EuMA launched an internship award for Master and Ph.D. students who would like to work in the microwave field across European Institutions. As of today, sixteen leading European Microwave & RF Industries, Universities, and Research Institutes are ready to provide supervision for young researchers looking to get more value to their Ph.D. or master thesis. 

23 students from UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, China, Sweden, India, Egypt, Germany, Portugal, and Italy have already benefited from this program. Do you want to know what experience they received and how an internship award affected their career? These interviews can help you with that:

  • We talked with Cristian Alistarh, a Ph.D. student at Heriot-Watt University, who successfully finished his internship at TNO in the Netherlands. Here you can find out more about Cristian and what it was like for him to spend 6 months at the radar signal processing department of TNO during the coronavirus pandemic back in 2020.

  • Giulia Cerfeda, a Master student at University of Salento, also shared her experience of the 3-month internship at Fraunhofer FHR in Germany. Learn more about the project she worked on and its outcomes in this interview.

  • Divya Jayasankar, a Ph.D. student at Terahertz and millimetre wave laboratory of Chalmers University of Technology, completed her internship at the University of Warwick, UK, not only gaining new work experience but also preparing a paper for the European Microwave Week 2022 in Milan. Check out this interview for more details.
  • Aarón García-Luque, a Ph.D. student in Telecommunications Engineering at Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Telecomunicación (TELMA), University of Málaga (Spain), who completes a four-month research internship at Institute of Robust Power Semiconductor Systems (University of Stuttgart, Germany) where he was not only allow to work on active devices modeling tasks, but was also able to deal with experimental measurements and industrial state-of-the-art setups from the very first day. You can read his interview here.


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