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General Assembly 2023

Board of Directors

F. van den Bogaart, (GA Chair), the Netherlands; G. Dambrine, France; A. Gibson, United Kingdom; W. Hol, the Netherlands; R. Lombardi, Italy, L. Perregrini, Italy; D. Vanhoenacker - Janvier, Belgium; H. Zirath, Sweden; V. Ziegler, Germany; T. Zwick, Germany

Founder Members

L.P. Ligthart, The Netherlands; A. Madjar, Israel; H. Meinel, Germany; S. J. Nightingale, United Kingdom; R. Sorrentino (†), Italy; A. Vander Vorst, Belgium.

EuMW Chairs

L. Perregrini (GA 1st Vice -Chair, EuMW 2022), Italy, Thomas Zwick (Chair, EuMW 2023), Germany; G. Ducourneau, (GA 2nd Vice - Chair, EuMW 2024), France

Ordinary Members

Group 1
N. Deltimple
Group 2 N. Pohl
Group 3 A. Constanzo
Group 4 X. Shang
Group 5 D. Schreurs
Group 6 M. Olavsbråten
Group 7 V. Viikari
Group 8 Z. Szabó
Group 9 L. Kulas
Group 10 F. Yanovsky
Group 11 vacancy
Group 13 M. Gadringer
Group 14 N. Borges Carvalho
Group 15 D. Snyder
Group 16 K. Nishikawa
Group 17 H. Elhennawy

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