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EuMA Geographical Groups

Country or group Covering
Group 1 France**, Monaco                                                  
Group 2 Germany**
Group 3 Italy**, San Marino, Vatican City
Group 4 United Kingdom*, Ireland*, Gibraltar, Malta
Group 5 Belgium*, The Netherlands*, Luxembourg
Group 6 Iceland, Norway*, Sweden*
Group 7 Denmark*, Faroe Islands, Finland*, Greenland
Group 8 Bulgaria*, Czech Republic*, Hungary*, Romania, Slovakia
Group 9 Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland*
Group 10 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine*
Group 11 Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia*, Cyprus, North Macedonia,
  Montenegro, Greece*, Israel*, Serbia*, Slovenia*, Türkiye*
Group 13 Austria*, Liechtenstein, Switzerland*
Group 14 Andorra, Portugal*, Spain*
Group 15 North America
Group 16 Asia-Pacific
Group 17 Africa and Middle East countries
Group 18 Central & South America

* Rotation of GA representation after three years (by arrangement)
** Permanent GA representation to be changed after three years

Countries may be added or subtracted from this list at the discretion of the GA in meeting.

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