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Topical Group EuRaMIG

European Radio and Microwave Interest Group

EuRaMIG at EuMW 2015 in Paris

Organized by different EuRaMIG core group members a EuMIC WS - "RF-Technologies on the move", a MICROAPPs Panel - "Automotive radar and ADAS", and a Special session within EuMC- "Autonomous driving within a worldwide changing society" was organized, furthermore EuRaMIG supported the "Career Platform" with several contributions on the "Microwave industry market".

EuRaMIG panel at EuMW 2014 in Rome

The EuRAMIG core group provided a panel in the EuMW/EuMC Closing Session, featuring an exciting panel discussion on the "Impact of Research Policy and Technical Developments in Europe of the Internet-of-Things and other Technologies within Horizon 2020". The panel stressed the role of microwave technology as the key enabling technology for future applications.
Presentation of  Dirk Beernaert (European Commission)
Presentation of Prof. Georg Fischer (University of Erlangen)

EuRaMIG is an initiative from Chalmers GigaHertz Centre to make industrial and academic stakeholders in the European microwave community  more visible and coordinated, e.g. towards the EC work programs.
In 2012, EuRaMIG was established as a Topical Group within EuMA.

EuRaMIG objectives:
* Expand the network to all involved and/or interested in RF/microwave technologies in Europe
* Align each other when approaching pan-European R&D agendas within EC-ERA, Eureka, COST, ECSEL, EDA and JTIs
* Describe the European RF/microwave eco-system to other communities and non-experts
* Provide input, in particular concerning research priorities, to EC work programs and calls within Horizon 2020
* Position RF/microwaves with adjacent European platforms
* Promote European education in RF and microwaves
* Encourage the exploration of new frontiers in high frequency applications, bridging the gap with other electromagnetic spectrum wavelengths.

Microwaves carry us forward!

Membership for EuMA members is free and EuMA membership is only 25€ a year (15€ for students). Joining the EuRaMIG is on individual basis and not a legal act. In particular, we encourage company people and industrial-oriented researchers at institutes or academia to join EuRaMIG.
Do you want to support us, be member of the networking for European microwaves, and a stakeholder? Go to the EuMA SharePoint and join the Group.
For more information about EuRaMIG, please contact the Chairman of the Topical Group EuRaMIG.

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