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EuMW Steering Committee

The EuMW Steering Committee oversees the various Conference committees and assures consistency in operations from year to year.

Voting Members are:

a. The EuMA President, chair
b. The EuMA Board of Directors
c. A representative of the GAAS Association
d. The General Chairs of the past, current and next three EuMWs

Non-voting Members are:

f. The MTT delegate
g. The Conference Software Officers
h. The Chairs (4) of the current and next year EuMW: EuMC, EuMIC, EuRAD, and the EuMW Treasurer
i. The Operational Officers (3) of the past, current and next year
The term of StC Members a. through g. is three years.

2024 Steering Committee composition

Voting members

  • F. van den Bogaart (Chairman - EuMA President)
  • D. Barataud, France
  • C. Fager, Sweden
  • A. Gibson, United Kingdom
  • L. Perregrini, Italy
  • R. Lombardi, Industry, Italy
  • F. van Vliet, the Netherlands
  • Volker Ziegler, Industry, Italy
  • D. Vanhoenacker - Janvier, Secretary-Treasurer, Belgium
  • Thomas Zwick, Germany
  • P. Colantonio, EuMW Officer, GAAS Association
  • T. Zwick (EuMW 2023)
  • G Ducourneau (EuMW 2024)
  • M Bentum (EuMW 2025)
  • S Hartman (EuMW 2026)

Non-voting members

  • R Weigel (IEEE MTT-S)
  • W Che (APMC)
  • M Rudolph (Software Officer)
  • M. van Heijningen (Software Officer)
  • C. Andrei (Software Officer)
  • A. Crunteanu (2024 TPC Chair)
  • A. Ghiotto (2024 EuMC Chair)
  • N. Deltimple (2024 EuMiC Chair)
  • G. Valerio (2024 EuRAD Chair)
  • M Zaknoune (2024 Treasurer)
  • F. Danneville (2024 Operational Officer)
  • D. Caratelli (2025 TPC Chair)
  • H. Lager (2025 EuMC Chair)
  • M. Matters (2025 EuMIC Chair)
  • L. Anitori (2025 EuRAD Chair)
  • U. Johannsen (2025 Treasurer)
  • D. Prinsloo (2025 Operational Officer)

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