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Prize Winners

EuMC and  EuMA award every year the EuMC Microwave Prize, for the best contributed paper to the Conference. The selection is based entirely on the material submitted - abstract, full paper and presentation. The EuMC Microwave Prize is an international award with no restriction as to age or nationality. The value of the Prize is € 5,000.

The 2018 EuMC Prize is sponsored by Val Space Consortium (VSC) and European Space Agency (esa)

48th EuMC Microwave Prize Winner 2018, MAdrid:

K. Murata, T. Mitomo, M. Higaki, K. Onizuka
"A 5.8-GHz 64-Channel Phased Array Microwave Power Transmission System Based on Space-Time Beamforming Algorithm for Multiple IoT Sensors"

The 2018 EuMC Young Engineer Prizes are sponsored by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with a value of €2,000 each.
Eligible candidates must be aged 30 or younger at date of award; be the first author of a paper accepted for inclusion in the programme of the EuMC and published in the volume of Conference Proceedings.

20th Young Engineer Prize Winners 2018, Madrid:

        A. Ashley, for the paper "Frequency Selective Ferrite Circulators with Quasi-Elliptic Transmission Response", by A. Ashley, L. Fighera Marzall, Z. Popovic, and D. Psychogiou
        Y.F. Wu, for the paper "Near-Field Beam Focusing and Steering Generator Based on 3 D Curved Substrate Integrated Waveguide", by Y.F. Wu and Y.J. Cheng

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