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EuMA offers a one-year free membership to colleagues who have accepted to be a reviewer for EuMW 2023

1. Go to the EuMA Sign up page if you are not a EuMA member yet
2. Click on the adequate button: Membership (€25.00)
3. Enter your personal data, including e-mail
4. Click on Offline Payment (Bank Account Transfer)
5. Leave the site
6. The system will automatically send you an e-mail with information on how to make the payment
7. Please do not make any payment!
8. Send a short e-mail to Annemie Van Nieuwerburgh to inform that you have entered the system as a 2022 reviewer entitled to free 2023 EuMA membership.

If you are already a EuMA member, please send a short message to Annemie Van Nieuwerburgh to mention your interest in the 2023 free membership as a reviewer.




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