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dSpace Demonstrates its Latest Automotive Radar Simulators
dSpace shows off their new DARTS automotive radar simulators with 2 targets for optimal testing at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.
ERZIA Discusses its Heritage and Products on 20th Anniversary
RZIA discusses their 20th anniversary, space heritage and new products at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.
New Multi-Layer Waveguide Technology for Automotive Radar
Gapwaves discusses their new Multi-Layer Waveguide technology for automotive radar antennas in collaboration with NXP at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.
Interview Altum RF About the Evolution of the Company
Altum RF CEO and President, Greg Baker, talks with Pat Hindle about the company's evolution and new products at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.
EuMW 2023 General Chair Discusses the Highlights of the Event
EuMW 2023 General Chair, Thomas Zwick, discusses the success of the event including the conference, young engineer event, Automotive Forum and Defense Forum.
mmTron Addresses ADC/DAC Design Challenges
mmTron discusses the challenges of direct conversion and other ADC/DAC issues that they are addressing with interface chips enabling up to 64 GS/s speeds at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.
6G Wideband D-Band Demonstration
R&S demonstrates a 6G wideband D-Band demonstration featuring a vector signal generator with 10 GHz of bandwidth at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.
R&S CATR OTA Compliance Test System Demonstration for Ka-Band Array
R&S demonstrates their CATR OTA test system using a Ka-Band phased array from IMST at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.
Siglent Presents New 40 GHz Signal Generator
Siglent Discusses 40 GHz Signal Generator, new slogan and future directions at EuMW 2023 in Berlin
TMYTEK Joint Communications & Sensing Demonstration
TYMTEK demonstrates joint communications and sensing using their passive reflective surface available in various angles of reflection at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.
R&S Radar Target Simulation Demonstration
R&S demonstrates 2 scenarios for radar target simulation showing very close range and moving electronic targets at EuMW 2023 in Berlin.


EuRAD: Mapping Error Reduction Methods for Polyphase Codes Generated by Quadrature Architectures
Bas van de Ven, Daan Rosenmuller, Erwin Janssen, Kostas Doris, Georgi Radulov, Marion Matters-Kammerer
EuRAD: Key Performance Indicators for System Analysis of MIMO Radars with Widely Separated Antennas
G. Serafino, S. Maresca, M.M.H. Amir, A. Malacarne, P. Ghelfi, A. Bogoni
EuRAD: A Fast and Accurate Convolutional Neural Network for LPI Radar Waveform Recognition
Do-Hyun Park, Jong-Hyeon Bang, Ji-Hun Park, Hyoung-Nam Kim
EuRAD: Time-Domain Analysis of Ultra-Wideband Scattering Properties of Fruits
Jonas Gedschold, Tim Erich Wegner, Adam Kalisz, Reiner S. Thoma, Jorn Thielecke, Giovanni Del Galdo
EuMIC: A 10GHz Single-Supply GaAs MMIC Self-Synchronous Rectifier
Jack Molles, Megan Robinson, Eric Kwiatkowski, Zoya Popovic
EuMIC: Design of Two Low DC-Power High-Efficiency D-Band Power Amplifiers in 22nm FDSOI
Andre Engelmann, Philip Hetterle, Florian Probst, Robert Weigel, Marco Dietz
EuMC: Study on 3D Printed Snap-Fit Joints for Assembly of PCB-Integrated Additively Fabricated Air-Filled Waveguide
Jakub Sorocki, Krzysztof Wincza, Slawomir Gruszczynski, Ilona Piekarz
EuMC: Increased Coding Capacity of Chipless RFID Tags Using Radiation Pattern Diversity
Florian Requena, Nicolas Barbot, Darine Kaddour, Etienne Perret
EuMC: Spin-Wave Delay Lines Utilizing Metal-Insulator Switching of Vanadium Dioxide
Aleksei A. Nikitin, Erkki Lahderanta
EuMC: Analysis of Onboard Channel Measurements for Train Communication Scenarios in the Context Towards 6G Enabling Technologies
Johann Lichtblau, Kariem Elkholy, Alexander Koelpin
EuMC: Hybrid TM-Mode / Coaxial Triple-Band Bandpass Filter
Kennet Braasch, Daniel Miek, Patrick Boe, Fynn Kamrath, Michael Hoft
EuMC: An Ultra-Compact Power Divider for MMIC Applications
Nethini Weerathunge, Sudipta Chakraborty, Simon J. Mahon, Michael C. Heimlich
EuMC: Human Interpretable Radar Through Deep Generative Models
Nir Dvorecki, Yuval Amizur, Leor Banin
EuMC: Quasi-Monostatic Antenna Displacement in Radar Target Simulation
Axel Diewald, Benjamin Nuss, Thomas Zwick


EuRAD: Development of Quantum Enabled Staring Radar with Low Phase Noise
Mohammed Jahangir, Jonathan M. Jones, Jithin Kannanthara, Chris J. Baker, Kai Bongs, Michail Antoniou, Yeshpal Singh
EuRAD: Nonlinear Least Squares Estimation for Breathing Monitoring Using FMCW Radars
Gabriel Beltrao, Mohammad Alaee-Kerahroodi, Udo Schroeder, Dimitri Tatarinov, Bhavani Shankar M.R.
EuMC: Towards an Excitable Microwave Spike Generator for Future Neuromorphic Computing
Qusay Al-Taai, Razvan Morariu, Jue Wang, Abdullah Al-Khalidi, Ali Al-Moathin, Bruno Romeira, Jose Figueiredo, Edward Wasige
EuMC: Status and Ongoing Development of a kW-Level Broadband W-Band Gyro-TWA
Liang Zhang, Craig R. Donaldson, Colin G. Whyte, Adrian W. Cross
EuMC: Design and Test of Wearable Textile-Based Transmission Lines
Rahil Joshi, Symon K. Podilchak, Constantine Constantinides, Bob Low
EuMC: Automatic Nonlinear Nonquasi-Static Diode Model Extraction from Large-Signal Measurements
A. Garcia-Luque, Teresa M. Martin-Guerrero, Alberto Santarelli, Carlos Camacho-Penalosa
EuMC: Microwave Sensing Using Metal-Insulator-Metal Diodes Based on 4-nm-Thick Hafnium Oxide
Martino Aldrigo, Mircea Dragoman, Sergiu Iordanescu, Mazen Al Shanawani, George Deligeorgis

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