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EuMW: 5 Winners of 1-Minute Poster Pitch Competition
T. van der Spuy, T. Stander


EuRAD: Iterative Minimum-Entropy Based Algorithm for Phase Noise Removal in FMCW Radars
A. Chaminda J. Samarasekera, Reinhard Feger, Werner Scheiblhofer, Andreas Stelzer
EuRAD: Stepped Frequency IRCI-Free Sliding Spotlight MIMO SAR
M. AlShaya, Mehrdad Yaghoobi, B. Mulgrew
EuMIC: Sub-THz On-Chip Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Wideband Performance
Abdul Ali, Jongwon Yun, Herman Jalli Ng, Dietmar Kissinger, Franco Giannini, Paolo Colantonio
EuMIC: HCI-Proof Ultra-Broadband Millimeter-Wave Amplifier for Automotive Radar
Nobumasa Hasegawa, Shuya Kishimoto, Shinji Yamaura
EuMC: Textile Chipless Tag Based on Frequency Shift Coding Technique
L. Corchia, Giuseppina Monti, Luciano Tarricone
EuMC: Waveguide Coupler Design Method for Permittivity Measurement at Millimeter-Wave Applications
Karrar Al Khanjar, Tarek Djerafi
EuMC: Cognitive Beamformer Chips with Smart-Antennas for 5G and Beyond: Holistic RFSOI Technology Solutions Including ASIC Correlators
Sidina Wane, Damienne Bajon, Pablo Corrales, Michael Haider, Johannes A. Russer, Quang-Hung Tran, Chueh-Jen Lin, Su-Wei Chang, Wen-Tsai Tsai, Riccardo Giacometti, Nicolas Gross
EuMC: Design of an X-Band Suspended Stripline Unequal Split Power Distribution Network
G. Posada, J. Lapuente, C. Zarzuelo
EuMC: 20--44GHz Mismatch Tolerant Programmable Dynamic Range with Inherent CMRR Square Law Detector for AGC Applications
Ahmed E. Amer, Mohamed A.Y. Abdalla, Islam A. Eshrah
EuMC: A Reconfigurable Array for Media Based Spatial Modulation
Aritra Roy, K.J. Vinoy
EuMC: Time Domain Characterization of Coupled Strip Line Networks without Changing Terminal Setups
Iwata Sakagami, Xiaolong Wang, Takashi Ohira


EuMC: DPD Linearization Complexity Reduction of Remote Radio Heads in C-RAN with Radio Over Fiber Fronthaul
Pedro Luis Carro, Carlos Mateo, Paloma Garcia-Ducar, Jesus de Mingo, Antonio Valdovinos
EuMC: Spurious Mode Suppression in the Design of GCPW Submillimeter-Wave Power Amplifiers
B. Amado-Rey, A. Tessmann, Y. Campos-Roca, Hermann Massler, Arnulf Leuther, Oliver Ambacher
EuMC: Low Cost S-Band Phase Modulator for Modern TTC Application
Carlos Hidalgo Garcia, Amparo Herrera Guardado, Javier Cabo Freixedas
EuMC: Top-Layer Wideband Transition from Waveguide to Planar Differential Line for 60GHz Applications
Sergey Churkin, Andrey Mozharovskiy, Alexander Myskov, Alexey Artemenko, Roman Maslennikov
EuMC: Push-Pull Configuration of High Power MOSFETs for Generation of Nanosecond Pulses for Electropermeabilization of Isolated Cancer Stem Cells
I.W. Davies, C. Merla, M. Tanori, A. Zambotti, J. Bishop, C. Palego, Christopher P. Hancock
EuMC: Fabrication and Evaluation of a Waffle Type Waveguide for Ku-Band Application
Kenji Itagaki, Sang-Seok Lee
EuMC/EuRAD: Dispersion of THz Modes Localized on Layered Superconductor Controlled by DC Magnetic Field
T. Rokhmanova, S.S. Apostolov, N. Kvitka, V.A. Yampol'skii
EuMC/EuRAD: A Circularly Polarized Circular Antenna Array for Satellite TV Reception
Ahmed Alieldin, Yi Huang, Manoj Stanley, Sumin Joseph
EuMC/EuRAD: Design and Demonstration of Linearly-Polarized Transmit-Arrays in X-Band
Hamza Kaouach, Mohamed Ali Belaid

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