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Best Paper Award

The International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies selects one paper per year for the Best Paper Award of the Journal and announces it in the next year. EuMA grants an amount of 1.000€ for this award.
IJMWT Best Paper Award 2022
"Development of a milimeter-wave transparent antenna inside a headlamp for automotive radar application"
Sofian Hamid, Dirk Heberling, Manuela Junghähnel, Thomas Preussner, Patrick Grezki, Ludwig Pongratz, Cristian Hördemann, Arnold Gillner

IJMWT Best Paper Award 2021
"Toward a fully integrated automotive radar system-on-chip in 22 nm FD-SOI CMOS"
Philipp Ritter

IJMWT Best Paper Award 2020
"Superheterodyne 300GHz Transmit Receive Chipset for Beyond 5G Network Integration"
Iulia Dan, Christopher Grotsch, Laurenz John, Sandrine Wagner, Axel Tessmann, Ingmar Kallfass

IJMWT Best Paper Award 2019
"Toward a flexible and adaptive wireless hub by embedding power amplifier thinned silicon chip and antenna in a polymer foil", by Golzar Alavi, Sefa Ozbek, Mahsa Rasteh, Markus Grözing, Manfred Berroth, Jan Hesselbarth, and Joachim N. Burghartz

IJMWT Best Paper Award 2017
"A 1 to 32 GHz Broadband Multi-Octave Receiver for Monolithic Integrated Vector Network Analyzers in SiGe Technology", by Marco Dietz, Andreas Bauch, Klaus Aufinger, Robert Weigel, and Amelie Hagelauer
IJMWT Best Paper Award 2016
"A SiGe-based Fully-Integrated 122-GHz FMCW Radar Sensor in an eWLB Package", by Muhammad Furqan, Faisal Ahmed, Reinhard Feger, Klaus Aufinger, Walter Hartner, and Andreas Stelzer
IJMWT Best Paper Award 2015
"An Envelope Tracking RF Power Amplifier with Capacitive Charge Pump Modulator", by Gavin T. Watkins and Konstantinos Mimis

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