EuMW Steering Committee

The EuMW Steering Committee oversees the various Conference committees and assures consistency in operations from year to year.

Regular Members are:

a. The EuMA President, chair
b. Four members representing EuMC, appointed by EuMA BoD
c. Two members representing EuMIC, one appointed by EuMA BoD, one by GAAS Association
d. Two members representing EuRAD, appointed by EuMA BoD

Invited Members are:

f. The EuMA Treasurer
g. One appointed by IEEE MTT-S
h. The GAAS Treasurer
i. The Chairs (3) of the current year EuMW: EuMC, EuMIC, EuRAD, and the EuMW Treasurer
j. The General Chairs (3) of past and next two years EuMW.
The term of StC Members a. through h. is three years.

2013 Steering Committee composition

Appointed members

  1. Chairman: W. Heinrich (EuMA President)
  2. EuMC: A Madjar, T Brazil, D Vanhoenacker-Janvier (EuMA), F. van den Bogaart
  3. EuMIC: R Quéré (EuMA), F Giannini (GAAS)
  4. EuRAD: A G Yarovoy (EuMA), Ph. Eudeline

Invited members

  1. A Vander Vorst (EuMA Treasurer)
  2. M Comparini (GAAS Treasurer)
  3. R Snyder (IEEE MTT-S)
  4. B. Arbesser - Rastburg (EuMW 2012)
  5. R. Weigel (EuMW 2013), L.P. Schmidt (EuMC 2013), M. Berroth (EuMIC 2013), A. Jacob (EuRAD 2013), R. Jakoby (Treasurer 2013)
  6. R. Sorrentino (EuMW 2014)
  7. M. Rudolph (Software Officer)
  8. M. van Heijningen (Software Co-Officer)


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