Prize Winners

EuMC and  EuMA award every year the EuMC Microwave Prize, for the best contributed paper to the Conference. The selection is based entirely on the material submitted - abstract, full paper and presentation. The EuMC Microwave Prize is an international award with no restriction as to age or nationality. The value of the Prize is € 5,000.


43th EuMC Microwave Prize Winner 2013, Nuremberg:

E. Topak, J. Choi, T. Merkle, S. Koch, S. Salto, C. Landesberger, R. Faul, K. Bock  "Broadband Interconnect Design for Sillicon-Based System-in-Package Applications up to 170 Ghz"

The 2013 EuMC Young Engineer Prize is sponsored by EADS/Cassidian with a value of €2,000 each.
Eligible candidates must be aged 30 or younger at date of award; be the first author of a paper accepted for inclusion in the programme of the EuMC and published in the volume of Conference Proceedings.

15th Young Engineer Prize Winners 2013, Nuremberg:


J. Kao, for the paper "A 25-to-45-GHz 45° Power Divider", by J. Kao


F.F. Tafuri, for the paper "Efficiency Enhancement of an Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier Combining Supply Shaping and Dynamic Biasing", by F.F. Tafuri





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