Editorial Board


Prof. A. Suarez, Editor, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
Prof. G. Antonio, University of Vigo, Spain
Dr. J.-L. Cazaux, Thales Alenia Space, France
Prof. A. Costanzo, University of Bolgna, Italy
Prof. W. Chen, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Prof. J. A. Encinar Garcinuño, University UPM, Spain
Prof. Ph. Ferrari, IMEP, Grenoble, France
Prof. G. Galati, Università di Tor Vergata Roma, Italy
Prof. A. Galli, University La Sapienza, Italy
Dr. W. Hung-Wei, Kun Shan University, Taiwan
Prof. S.K. Koul, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
Dr. K.S. Kulpa, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Prof. A. Madjar, Temple University Philadelphia, USA
Dr. C. Meliani, Ferdinand Braun Institute Berlin, Germany
Dr. S. Nighthingale, Cobham, United Kingdom
Prof. L. Perregrini, University of Pavia, Italy
Dr. X. Qing, Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
Dr. R. Quay, Fraunhofer Institute Freiburg, Germany
Prof. R. Quéré, EXLIM, University of Limoges, France
Prof. J. Romeu Robert, University UPC, Spain
Dr. F. Schindler, RFMD, USA
Dr. D. Schreurs, KULeuven, Belgium
Prof. R. Sorrentino, University of Perugia, Italy
Prof. D. Vanhoenacker-Janvier, UCL, Belgium
Prof. H. Wang, NTU, Taiwan
Prof. R. Weigel, University of Erlangen, Germany
Prof. F. Yanovsky, National Aviation University, Ukraine
Prof. A. Yarovoy, TU Delft, The Netherlands


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