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Papers published in the International Journal are now indexed in the Thomson Reuters Web of Science database. They have agreed to index back to year 1 (2009). This will lead to an impact factor for 2012, which will be released in July 2013.

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The Journal solicits original and reviews articles in the following areas.
  • Applied electromagnetic field theory, including antennas, transmission lines, and waveguides
  • Components, including passive structures and semiconductor device technologies
  • Analog and mixed-signal circuits
  • Systems
  • Optical-microwave interactions
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Industrial applications
  • Biological effects and medical applications
The Journal will accept the following types of contributions:
  • Regular papers, 6-8 printed pages in length, describing significant advances in the relevant field, with detailed information on theory and experiment
  • Short papers, 3 printed pages in length, concisely reporting theoretical and experimental results warranting rapid disclosure
  • Both regular and short papers will be peer-reviewed before acceptance for publication
  • Industry news, e.g. technical and business developments of general interest to the microwave community
Vacant positions from the microwave industry and academia can be announced in the journal.

More information can be found at Cambridge Journals Online.
Detailed author instructions are available.
Requests for information on IJMWT should be addressed to International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies.


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International journal

International Journal

This EuMA Journal is interdisciplinary and application oriented, providing a platform for the microwave industry. It is published 6 times a year