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Safety and Security

Morning Session

The morning sessions organized by Roger Applebee and David Daniels focused on Safety and Security and considered the application of the microwave technology that is being developed to increase security and address safety issues. World recognized experts gave tutorials and presentations on active and passive RF detection and imaging techniques applied to short range stand-off surveillance and through-wall and buried sensing.


Millimetre-wave Imaging - Roger Applebee, Queen's University, Belfast 

A Terahertz Imaging Radar for Concealed Object Detection at Long Standoff Ranges - Ken Cooper, JPL 

Passive Technology – The Application of Passive Sub-millimetre Wave Technology to Weapon and IED Detection – Arttu Luukanen, Millimetre Wave Laboratory of Finland - MilliLab 

Ultra-wideband Radar for the Detection of Buried Threats - David Daniels, Cobham Technical Services 

Ultra-wideband Radar Imaging
- Alex Yarovoy, Technical University, Delft 

Real Time Imagine at 250 GHz - Chris Mann, ThruVision, UK

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