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2011 Opening and Closing Sessions

Read the Invited Papers by M. Short and by D. Rhodes!

Applications, anywhere anytime?
Mike Short, Vice President Telefonica Europe and incoming President - IET

Dr. Short discussed sources of innovation and future ICT growth. ICT is expected to be a $3 Trillion industry by 2013 according to EU research company IDATE- how ready are we for this Digital Word? What scope for growth will there be when there are more phones than people? What Innovation challenges will emerge to assure "Internet for all" and the "Internet of things"? How do we get the benefits of Global R+D and economies of scale? Is the quest for speed hiding a need for better design and systems engineering?

Universality in the Large Signal Behaviour of Varactor Junctions.
J. David Rhodes, Isotek Electronics, Leeds, UK

It is normally assumed that the instantaneous voltage and current across and through a varactor junction respectively are related through a non-linear differential equation, which is functionally dependent upon the doping profile of the device. An alternative description of the relationship is proposed based upon another conjecture.

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