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Roberto Sorrentino is remembered by an Award named after him, initiated by Mrs Linda Di Carlo Sorrentino setting  up one award every year for ‘brilliant engineers’.

Profs. Andre Vander Vorst, Maurizio Bozzi and Luca Perregrini have been liaising with Linda Di Carlo regarding her wishes. She considers that with the cooperation of EuMA/EuMC, RF Microtech and the Italian EM Society (SIEm)  an annual engineer prize should be named after Roberto and that awarding the prize at an international symposium would be desirable.
The award should be composed of a financial prize together with a medal and a certificate with the names of sponsors, awarded every year for at least ten years.
End of 2020, the EuMA Awards Committee was about to propose a EuMA Young Professional Award. Rather than risking the proliferation and potential duplication of awards, all the parties agreed that these two proposals should be combined.

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