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MRF volume 10 issue 10 Cover and Back matter
MRF volume 10 issue 10 Cover and Front matter
A blind signal detection algorithm for passive location system based on troposcatter
Zan Liu, Xihong Chen, Qiang Liu, Zedong Xie
To improve detection performance of passive location system based on troposcatter, we propose a blind signal detection algorithm. According to our algorithm, complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition decomposes the received signal into several intrinsic mode functions (IMFs). To reconstruct the signal and background noises, difference between the entropy of adjacent IMFs is utilized as a
High gain dual-band distributed amplifier using new composite right/left-handed transmission line
Hamed Shahraki, Ahmad Hakimi, Kambiz Afrooz, Mohammad Mahdi Pezhman
In this paper, a high-gain dual-band distributed amplifier (DBDA) based on the metamaterial transmission line (TL) is proposed. To have two separate frequency bands in the distributed amplifiers, the composite right/left-handed (CRLH) TLs are used instead of conventional TLs. Although both forward and reverse gains of the distributed amplifiers are available in this case, they suffer from their lo
A dual-wideband bandpass filter using open/shorted coupled lines
Xiao-Le Bo, Yong-Hong Zhang, Xiao-Kun Li, Yang Yang, Yin Tian, Yong Fan
A compact dual-wideband (DWB) bandpass filter utilizing open-shorted coupled lines (OSCL) is proposed in this paper. The introduction of the folded structure not only reduces the overall size but also contribute to the split of the transmission zero (TZ), which improves the selectivity effectively. Six transmission poles and five TZs are realized utilizing the shorted-circuit stub and OSCL. The ch
Compact ultra-wideband bandpass-response power divider with high-frequency selectivity
Song Guo, Kaijun Song, Yedi Zhou, Yong Fan
The ultra-wideband bandpass-response power divider with high-frequency selectivity is presented in this paper. This power divider consists of an impedance transformer, a filter network, and two isolation resistors. In order to realize the ultra-wideband filtering performance, parallel coupling lines and parallel open-circuit branches are applied to the second impedance converter. A resistor is add
Miniaturized branch-line coupler based on slow-wave microstrip lines
H. Alhalabi, H. Issa, E. Pistono, D. Kaddour, F. Podevin, S. Abouchahine, P. Ferrari
This paper presents a miniaturized 3-dB branch-line coupler based on slow-wave microstrip transmission lines. The miniaturized coupler operating at 2.45 GHz is designed and implemented on a double-layer printed circuit board substrate with blind metallic vias embedded in the lower substrate layer providing the slow-wave effect. Based on this concept, a 43% size miniaturization is achieved as compa
A review of radar signals in terms of Doppler tolerance, time-sidelobe level, and immunity against jamming
Samer Baher Safa Hanbali
Pulse compression technique allows a radar to achieve the resolution of a short pulse and the energy of a long pulse simultaneously, without the requirement of high-power transmission. Therefore, pulse compression radars have a low probability of intercept capability. The common types of pulse compression signals are frequency modulated waveforms and phase-coded waveforms, which have different pro
Tradeoffs in the feed point selection of a cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna
Anuj Kumar Ojha, A. V. Praveen Kumar
This paper aims at investigating the dependence of the impedance and the radiation characteristics of a cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna (DRA), on the feed point of the DRA. It is demonstrated that the resonant frequency, bandwidth, radiation pattern symmetry, and cross-polarized radiation levels depend highly on the feed point. Three standard single-ended feed mechanisms such as the micro
Time-domain analysis of compact dual band-notched slot antenna in indoor environments
Seyed Ramin Emadian, Javad Ahmadi-Shokouh
Frequency- and time-domain characteristics as well as indoor propagation channel impulse response of a compact dual band-notched ultra-wideband (UWB) slot antenna are investigated in this paper. The antenna consists of a narrow rectangular radiation patch and a rectangular wide slot in the modified ground plane. A pair of -shaped stubs are connected to the radiation patch to obtain band-notched pr
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